Our Story

Welcome to Seasonz International

Seasonz International is a well-known name amongst the leaders in export & import of fresh produce industry in India since 1991.

Working as marketing integration company in the fresh produce industry, facilitating the entire supply chain right from growers till the produce reaches the shelves of our customer.

Our Director being on Board with India’s largest Grape grower company & India’s largest Pomegranates Growers Organisation, helps in ensuring quality, service and volume requirements for a global basket of customers.

Our esteemed customers include global retail brands such as Tesco, Aldi, Edeka, Fresh Solutions, Lidl, Kaufland, Dole, Coop, Asda, Rewe, Sainsbury, Metro, Spinneys and many more in supplying of fresh fruits from India. 

Our Mission

To standardize practices in the agribusiness industry giving growers, and exporters, the competency to present themselves in a competitive global environment with accountability and commitment.

Our Vision

To see a world connected at a deeper level by the universal needs of health, happiness, and overall wellbeing – food, being an integral part of all.

Our Journey

Our Team

Azhar Tambuwala


With the vision of an Agro-industry at par with that around the world…I believe I am just a means to an end, working towards the betterment of farmers and the farming industry of the country for good.

Aiman Mehta

Business Development

Spontaneous and fun, I live to advocate the causes of freedom, honesty, and fairness towards one & all. An ex-journalist & Realtor, I also run a perfume brand called: The Fragrance Tree apart from other activities like tarot card reading, candle making, and more!

Shams Kazi

Manager Imports

Analytical optimist, I am a committed guy who believes in working in silence and letting success make the noise!

Saurabh Dilip Pokharkar

Assistant Manager – Business Development

A passionate reader and thinker, I follow my dreams based on an unwavering belief in hard work and myself!

Santosh Babar

Manager Exports – Banana Division

Patient, kind, and adventurous, I love spending time with my kiddos or watching movie when I am not working!

Mujffar Munnabhai Bagwan

Assistant Manager – International Account Management

Simple and straightforward, a traveler at heart, I believe what goes around comes around!

Rashida F Canteenwala

Manager – General Affairs

An explorer at heart, I love trying new things by taking the road less travelled.

Finhas Canteenwala

Senior Manager – Business support

In love with nature, you’ll find me running, or playing sports outside, or painting, watching comedy films or carving chalk if I have to be inside!

Hajira Sunge

Executive Operations

Someone who is blunt and likes to do things on time

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