Bringing you farm fresh produce that is grown safe & GAP certified from ethically & socially audited farms.


30 years ago, like most
successful ventures, we
set out to answer a
question that began with
the famous “what if”:

“What if we reimagined the various aspects involved in the Indian agriculture industry from an integrated business viewpoint that starts from a grass root level and goes all the way up to the time finished goods reach a consumer’s home?”

Born from that seedling, three decades later, we continue exploring the solution with Seasonz – a leading name in the in the import and export industry of fresh produce in India.

Our core services include

Import and Export of fresh, frozen, and processed fruits, vegetables, and associated products

Import and Export of packaging material like boxes, temperature recorders, punnets, and more

Allied business division to cater to the supply of Agri commodities and non perishable items

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The who, what & why about us

Who we are

Seasonz International is a pioneer in the field of the Agribusiness industry of the world. Centered in India, we started out with one individual sending one shipment of grapes to UK in 1991. 30 years later, we are now, the largest grape exporters of the country.

What we do

We offer products and services that work at micro-level detailing of the agroindustry in India, to deliver macro-level impact to the lives of all those associated with it, to bring the safest, healthiest, and freshest farm produce to your homes at the end of the day.

How we do it

With an extensive network of 42+ countries around the world, we maintain an uncompromising operating procedure that includes stringent quality checks of the produce and material at every stage, progressing from planting a seed to distributing a final product.


Since we started business together, Seasonz have always helped us to achieve all our needs, assuring orders and loadings, fullfilling the programs targeted.

Our business together and collaborations grow year after year and you’re always available to explain, give and share information about market, production, etc. and very proactive to make trials of innovations and improvements.

Facilities are one of the best in India.

Jesús Albarrán , Sanlucar

We have been doing business with Seasonz International for many years now and the one thing that stands out to me over a journey so far has been the effective communication & implementation.   

When we have wanted to provide new products to our clients, they found a way to accommodate & adapt new processes.  Where there has been changes in market protocols or issues related to shipments they have always worked efficiently to come up with a solution.  The way they approach business gives us confidence to further build on our existing relationship.

We wish them well with their future endeavours.

Patrick McGreesh, BGP International Pty Ltd

We are privileged working together with Seasonz International for several years now.  We are pleased to support them by acting as their logistics and customs broker for arrivals in the Netherlands destined for the Retail. We have developed a good and strong relation to keep supporting them to be able to deliver the Retail programs as planned.

Johan Hagoort , CSI Fresh

We have been working with Seasonz/Sahyadri the last five years and from day one it was clear that both companies focused on long term collaboration and the construction of a strong relationship based on an open and direct communication fighting challenges together. The fact that Seasonz/Sahyadri is a grower owned cooperative goes very well hand in hand with our identity as a consumer owned organization, together assuring the shortest possible way from the grower in India to the consumer in the Nordics. 

Christian Østerbye, Coop

Having worked with Azhar and Seasonz since 2004, we only have very high praise for the attitude, commitment and professionalism of the team.  We Few the relationship as being part of the same family and are excited about where we will go together in the future.

Mark Tweddle , Jupiter Marketing Ltd.

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